Trained or Transformed

They’re ALL good lil’ Christians in your classrooms, right? Wrong! Not everyone who goes to church or is born into a family where the parents are Christian themselves choose to follow Christ. If all we do in Sunday School or Teen ministry is teach the children to “live right,” all we’re doing is teaching them to become a Pharisee or, at best, a good moral citizen of society, and this can really hinder a child in the long run from actually beginning a relationship with Christ. Come to this workshop to learn how to evaluate and adjust your lessons to meet the needs of both the saved and the unsaved child.

Lily Slyusarchuk (Semenyuk)
Lily is the director of the children’s ministry at FUPC. She has worked with children and teens for 15+ years in a variety of cultures, churches, and countries, in the areas of coordinating, training, teaching, and speaking, while collaborating with various teams and churches. She has a BS and BA in Biology, Intercultural Studies, and Biblical Studies, a Master Teacher Certificate from CEF, a Diploma from CMI, and graduated with an MSN from Johns Hopkins. Lily is passionate about working with children and training people, using creative teaching methods to reach the head, heart, and mind–for Christ. On days off, you will find her hiking, spending time with family and friends, doing vanlife with her husband, or enjoying the sunset.

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