Teacher’s Responsibility-in English/Ukrainian

Children seem programmed to be able to tell when someone is being two-faced. They can smell a hypocrite from a mile away! That is why it is so critical as a teacher to live, as apostle Paul says, “beyond reproach,” and as Jesus says, to not cause any of these little ones to stumble. You, as a teacher, play a critical role in nurturing students’ spiritual and physical needs. However, before you can teach them effectively, you need to live it. Using the acronym CHILDREN, this workshop explores strategies for you to address these responsibilities of a teacher/helper to become more effective in your ministries and touch a child for eternity.

Oksana Ginchak 
Oksana Ginchak is a dedicated member of the UFGPC church, serving as the Kids Choir Director, sharing wisdom with educators, acting as a substitute teacher, and leading the development of the church’s curriculum. Originally from Chernivtsy, Ukraine, Oksana is passionate about ensuring children have a personal encounter with Jesus, not just learning about Him. Her faith journey includes a profound salvation experience, and she believes in teaching from the heart rather than duty. Apart from her church responsibilities, Oksana enjoys baking bread and spending quality time with her five grandchildren. With a marriage of almost 33 years and three children, Oksana’s life reflects love, faith, and unwavering commitment.

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Teachers responsibility