Power of Devotion

Have you heard the saying that “God doesn’t call the equipped, but He equips the call”? King David sure wasn’t equipped as all he did was take care of his father’s sheep…yet, God called him to be the King of Israel. What is it that God saw in him?? I believe David was faithful where he was at, and he was zealous for the Lord. He was DEVOTED to God, which we can grasp from the many Psalms he had written. In this workshop, we will explore the significance of prayer and reading the Bible as a source of strength, power, direction, guidance, and renewal for you–and a demonstration of your devotion to God. You will walk away with some practical ways to integrate prayer and Bible reading into your daily life. 


Slavic Gud
Having served in youth ministry for many years, Slavic Gud is currently the south campus pastor at Seattle Bethany Church, and is passionate about expository preaching and teaching–always going back to the Word of God. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Ministry, a Master’s in Religion from Gordon Conwell Seminary, and is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in “Biblical and Theological Studies” at Dallas Theological Seminary. Slavic has been married for 11 years to Irina, and together they have 4 lovely children (5th one on the way!), whom they love to spend time with and enjoy the outdoors together.

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Power of devotion