Power in the Cross

For those of us who are Christians, we can easily start to tune out talks about the Cross and the Crucifixion – after all, we know the story, right? Come to this workshop to get a fresh breath of insight into the power of Christ’s blood that was shed and its impact on salvation and redemption. Understanding the significance of the cross is crucial for you as a teacher to effectively communicate its power to students and to live a lifestyle that embodies this impact.


Jason Bengston
Jason serves at Mercy Church in the areas of preaching, teaching, and group leadership. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, and currently works for a company to fit and fine tune prosthetics for lower limb amputees, getting patients walking again and improving their quality of life! Jason’s passion is Jesus! Knowing Him and making Him known! He has been married to his beautiful wife, Irina, for 7 years now. When he has free time, he enjoys family and friend get-togethers, documentaries, and backcountry camping.

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Power in the cross