Partnering with Parents-in English

Do you tend to shy away from interacting with the parents of your students? It’s just somehow uncomfortable to talk to them, so you’d rather avoid it altogether, even if you’re having issues with their child. However, little did you know that there is power in partnering with the parents for the good of the child..and possibly even for the eternal good of the child. This workshop will equip you with practical strategies for collaboration, including sharing information effectively, nurturing relationships, gaining parents’ trust, and keeping parents informed about their child’s progress. You will also learn practical strategies for effectively addressing student misbehavior with parents.

Alex Slobodyanik
Alex is a pastor at Slavic Christian Center, the head of the Sunday School ministry in the State of Washington, and the principal of Tacoma Christian Academy. Alex holds a BAE from Pacific Lutheran University, a Theology of Ministry degree from Slavic Washington University, and an MS in Education Leadership from Pensacola Christian College. Alex has a passion for children’s education, and firmly believes that our children must “know the God of our fathers, and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind.” He has been married to his wonderful wife, Olga, for sixteen years and has three children. Together with his family, they love reading books, playing volleyball, and going on bike rides.

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Partnering with parents