How to Hear God’s Voice

Do you sometimes just grab your curriculum, open it up seconds before the kids walk into class, and start to teach straight from the book? What if I told you that there’s more that God wants to offer to the children THROUGH YOU? Rather than strictly clinging to a program, you can integrate what is scheduled to be taught with what the Lord places on your heart. But how do you know when it’s the Lord speaking to you? In this workshop, we will explore prayer, Scripture study, worship, and what it means to attune your heart and mind to obey the voice of God.


Vlad Gud
Vlad is actively serving as the youth leader of the south campus of Seattle Bethany Church. He has attended his church seminary and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Vlad is passionate about studying the Scriptures and desires to see people turn to the Truth of God’s Word as a guide for life. His happy place is going out and spending time with his family, especially taking long walks with his wife and two boys. If he’s not with his family or in church ministry, you will find him at a coffee shop, getting into the Word.

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Hearing God's voice