Fix Your Eyes

You know that one person who always starts talking and gets on a tangent? Well, in a similar way, we can get on a “tangent” in life. We forget our focus and where we we are headed. This is where we need to re-orient ourselves to fix our eyes on Jesus, after which we bring our thoughts, actions, and beliefs into alignment with the teachings and example of Christ. This workshop will explore practical ways to integrate Christ-centered principles into your daily living, relationships, decision-making, and teaching. 

Ilya Vasilevskiy
For the past 14 years, Ilya has been called to serve the youth through preaching and teaching, and has served as the youth leader at three different churches. Currently he is serving as an ordained minister at Slavic Christian Center (SCC), preaching and teaching in the church. Ilya has a Bachelor’s degree in Business, specifically finance, and is a former football player for RMC in Montana. He is passionate about serving young people, seeing them live their Christian walk victoriously, and be set free spiritually and physically. In his free time, Ilya enjoys fishing and gardening, but most of all, being home and spending quality time with his wife and five children.

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Fix your eyes