Mentoring Children with Wounded Souls

Being an effective teacher is stretching beyond Bible lessons and relaying knowledge to children; it is growing in competence to provide care for their wounded souls, following the example of Jesus. Many children wrestle with difficult past experiences, and it is crucial to be acquainted with their struggles and inner battles. This workshop will focus on becoming more familiarized with two common issues of today: anxiety and early exposure to sexual sin. We will discuss the roots, signs and symptoms, and how teachers can guide their students toward victory.

Julie Kunitskaya
Julie has been serving for nine years in full time ministry at the Great Commission School and the Fountain of Life Church in Portland. She is an RN from upstate New York, currently working on a certification in biblical counseling. She is passionate about mentoring teens and young adults, helping them find healing from their past and living victoriously in Christ. Julie is the president of My Unheard Voice, providing resources for victims of childhood sexual abuse and helping churches address the critical issue. On the rare chance that she has free time, she enjoys reading a good book.

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Mentoring children with wounded souls