Classroom Management

Do you feel like your classroom can easily get out of control? You feel like you’ve tried everything, and at this point, you’re just not sure how to get your students to respect you. You may be surprised that classroom management begins with structure. All children crave structure. In fact, having boundaries helps them feel safe in your classroom, and it allows YOU the space to do more creative and fun activities without fear of losing control of the classroom. During this workshop, we will explore practical tips for setting up class expectations, organizing routines, and establishing predictable consequences.

Alla Prokhor
Alla is a member of Life Christian Church in NE Tacoma and has been faithfully serving in teen ministry for about ten years. She is passionate about sharing the Gospel with the next generation and equipping them to serve God and His church. Alla is a National Board Certified Teacher and got her Master’s in Education from Antioch University. She works in a public school setting, coaching and mentoring elementary school teachers. Her favorite things are sunshine, family, and tea night with friends.

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Classroom management