Are You Busy?

Are you feeling like life has spun out of control, and you have more things to do than you have time for? You may not even be sure you’re doing the right things anymore. This workshop explores effective strategies for you to learn how to balance your family, schooling, careers, ministry, and personal relationship with Christ. You are encouraged to set priorities, maintain productivity, and move forward amidst life’s various demands.

Andrey Anikusko
Andrey is a member at Slavic Christian Center, where he serves at the English service, in the Men’s Ministry, the Preaching Ministry, and the Construction Space Planning Committee. He worked on a degree in theology at a Bible College, while being a part of the SCC Bible College for 12 years now. Andrey is passionate about God’s Truth and His Word, about serving people, and about life! In his free time, he likes to take walks with his family, ride bikes with his kids, play sports, exercise, jog, and hike.

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