Hands-On Activities

Have you ever felt frustrated because you were having a hard time keeping your students’ attention throughout your lesson? You can make your lessons come alive and connect with your students through visual aids and hands-on experiments, helping your students remember and apply what they have learned. This workshop will explore why a teacher would need to use something other than the Bible, what visual aids God uses, as well as check out the different types of visual aids you can incorporate into your lessons.

Vlad Mayster
Vlad is a member at SCC in Tacoma and has been a part of the children’s ministry for almost 10 years, while serving also in the youth choir, youth services, camps, and retreats. Vlad is a diesel mechanic, so fixing and putting machinery back together is the inspiration behind a lot of his hands-on activities in the classroom. He is passionate about showing teachers the importance of showing children who Christ is in this dark and wicked world. He believes we need to dedicate our lessons to show Christ by planning good and effective lessons with visuals. In his spare time, Vlad likes to build relationships and spend intentional time with his family and friends.

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Hands on activities